Missouri State Convention 2019
“"Our Big Book--80 Years, 71 Languages"”
July 26th thru the 28th

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The first Missouri State Convention was held in 1951 and is one of two of the longest running state conventions in Alcoholics Anonymous. It is organized by a joint committee from the Western (39) and Eastern (38) Areas of Missouri as a state wide event. The convention committee members are elected representatives from the A.A. Groups and Districts throughout the state. The convention is a part of the Areas, just as our other service entities are a part. We strive to ‘Carry The Message” of hope and recovery, as experienced in a broader way, throughout the state of Missouri at our annual convention. This is representative of our long tradition of Service

The work of the Area Committees will be displayed at the convention, along with new videos from GSO. Both Area's traveling Archives will be there as well, to connect us to our history of Service. Stop by and talk with some of our members about how we participate in carrying the message.